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McTimoney Therapy & Equine Massage
Equine physical therapy is becoming a widely accepted way to enhance performance in the horse, as it is an aid to relieving tired and aching muscles that were really not designed to do what we ask of them today!
This is because, these days, our horses are essentially atheletes.  We ask our horses to perform many tasks like show jumping, cross country, dressage, endurance, gymkhanas and racing which inevitably puts stress and strain on muscles really designed only to allow the horse to eat grass and roam at will!  Tired muscles can become sore and lead to a pattern of compensation which hampers optimum performance.
Proper feeding, management, tack fitting, dentistry and shoeing all play an important role in helping your horse, perform to its best ability.  However, regular McTimoney Treatment and Equine Massage Therapy can help keep your horse comfortable and pain free.


Mel Betts is a Hereford based McTimoney Animal Therapist and Equine Sports Massage Therapist.  To book a McTimoney & Massage treatment for your horse call Mel on: 07875 085769 (please do leave a message if I can't pick up - I will call you back!).




How Does McTimoney Therapy Work?


Any animal may suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems at some time during their life.  This may be due to a slip or a fall or a pattern of compensation that has developed over time.  McTimoney treatment and massage can help.



McTimoney Treatment is a gentle, non invasive therapy which quickly releases muscle spasm around joints which have become restricted in their range of motion, focusing mainly on the spine and pelvis.


McTimoney Therapy is a highly effective manipulation technique that was first developed for humans in the 1950s and then later adapted for animals.  It uses speed rather than force to deliver a trigger to specific areas of the body, allowing muscles to come out of spasm quickly.   Because it is so gentle is it readily accepted by animals. 



Regular six monthly or yearly treatment can be beneficial to prevent patterns of compensation building up which are more difficult to treat.   Before booking a McTimoney treatment for your horse it is advisable to have your horse's teeth checked by a qualified equine dentist. This is because any tension in the jaw due to a sore mouth can lead to other musculoskeletal issues and removing the root cause will optimise the effect of treatment.



McTimoney Treatment works really well in combination with Massage therapy.  This ensures all the main muscle groups can be checked and treated effectively.



McTimoney practitioners have taken a Masters Degree covering subjects including equine anatomy, physiology, osteology, neurology, biomechanics, gait analysis and manipulation techniques and are also practiced in other soft tissue release techniques.



How Does Massage Work?
Sixty percent of the horse's body is made up of muscle.
Massaging the horse warms the tissues and increases blood supply to muscles. This works because repetitive rubbing of the tissue makes the body think it is too hot.  Blood is sent to cool the area.
Elevated blood supply to a horse's muscles is advantageous because it allows muscles to be cleansed properly following inevitable toxin build up post exercise. Equine massage improves the venous return and waste removal from muscles, keeping them healthy.
Stimulation of muscles through massage also releases opiates – the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals - which allow sore muscles and muscles in spasm to relax.  Blood flow can circulate more easily in a relaxed muscle than one which is in spasm. The muscle can then be better fed with nutrients and oxygen contained in the blood. Horse massage can also play a role in helping reduce muscle fatigue.
Horse Massage can:

v- Increase circulation

v- Relieve muscle pain

v- Promote relaxation

v- Increase the rate of healing

- Help control stress

v- Decrease post-exercise muscle soreness

v- Help prevent muscle strain

- Optimise performance




To book a McTimoney & Massage treatment for your horse call Mel on: 07875 085769 (please do leave a message if I can't pick up - I will call you back!).